Hardeman materials units

We have developed four demonstration units for Hardeman firm from Veenendaal that show different material properties of materials used in the construction of commercial buildings.

The first unit shows how much light is transmitted by different materials used in skylights. On a light meter it is easy to see what, for example, the difference is between plastic and glass, matt and clear.

The second unit is a bending machine that shows the difference in strength of different building materials. Wood, aluminum, steel. Test bars are clamped and loaded. The deflection can be read on a scale.

The third unit shows the heat absorption of different coatings on steel plate. Test plates are heated for several minutes. It is clear to see that one plate heats up much faster than the other. The final temperature is also different.

The fourth unit shows the difference in condensation on sheet materials used in roof constructions. The test plates are quickly cooled. Water is heated under these plates. The condensation that forms is deposited on the cold plates. The differences between the materials are clearly perceptible.