Vacuum forming

We vacuum form with a machine that has a table size of 1150 x 600 mm. With the help of reducing frames, different sizes of starting material can be used in order to handle the material as efficiently as possible.

Vacuum forming makes it easy to produce a larger series of products. Series sizes up to 100 to 1000 pieces are common. It is of course also possible to make one or more products.

With a pneumatically operated top punch, difficult cavities can be pre-formed so that thicker wall width remains.

Wij kunnen vormen in b.v. PS, PMMA, ABS, PVC, PET-G, PC, PP en PE van 0,5 tot 4 á 6 mm dikte, afhankelijk van het materiaal.

The molds for vacuum forming are of course excellent on our CNC milling machine We often use PU block material or various aluminum-filled casting resins for these molds, but other materials are also possible.