Bas Hesselink Industrial Design and Prototypes Since the founding of the company in 1996, Bas Hesselink Industrial Design and Prototypes has specialised in the development and manufacture of prototypes, models, molds and (small) series of products for diverse product groups.


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Quality, flexibility and fast service are our strengths. Regardless of the development phase in which a design finds itself and in close cooperation with the customer, targeted solutions are developed. Model and prototype construction using 3D milling and printing techniques play an important role in this.

Bas Hesselink, industrial designer, instrument maker and also specialist in the field of plastics and small-scale production techniques.

In a very well-equipped workshop/studio in Arnhem we can realise the most diverse products in all kinds of ways. The great versatility of knowledge, techniques and materials ensures deployability throughout the design process. One man, one point of contact.


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